Trade Unions

Supporting Trade Unions

Raleys was set up in 1883 and has represented Trade Union members in Yorkshire ever since, firstly through the Yorkshire Association of Mineworkers and later the National Union of Mineworkers (Yorkshire Area).

Since 2010 Raleys has proudly represented the NUM nationally.

We are committed to fighting for the rights and protecting the interests of ordinary men and women by concentrating our resources on their needs. This gives our Union clients the following advantages:

  • Expertise in Trade Union issues
  • Commitment of our resources to providing a quality service to trade unions and their members
  • Support for the aims of the trade union movement
  • A consistent message to members of our commitment to them

Services presently offered are:

  • Advice in Trade Union law and representation in  disputes with employers.
  • General legal advice to Union officials
  • Representation of  the Union in litigation
  • Training for Union officials
  • Sponsorship of Union events or matters of interest to the Union