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"Thank you very much for splendid help and advice in making our wills. We wish to extend our pleasure in conducting this business with your company. We will in future look upon Raleys as our solicitors in any other legal requirements."
John and Pauline Wood, Pontefract

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Make a will
This is about control and certainty; you choose who will sort things out when you are gone; who is to receive your personal effects and your property and who is not to receive anything. Those left behind have the certainty of knowing what you wanted, something which can be a comfort at a very difficult time. Without a Will, your money and property may pass to family members who you would not wish to benefit.

Give power of attorney
If at some time in the future you become unable to manage your own affairs, who would step in and do this on your behalf? By giving Power of Attorney now, you can decide who that person should be and what they can do.

Deal with the affairs of someone who has passed away
The loss of a friend or relative is a very difficult time. Sorting their affairs out can be complicated and stressful. You may need to get Probate to collect in their assets. There may be Inheritance Tax to pay or a fall out within the family. You may feel you need some help or want a solicitor to deal with everything for you.

Deal with the affairs of someone who is no longer able to do so themselves
You may have a relative or friend who is unable to manage their own affairs. How do you gain access to their bank account to pay their bills, or if they need to go into residential care, how do you sell their home? You may need to apply to the Court of Protection to be appointed a Deputy to look after their affairs.

Plan for residential care
If a time should come when you need residential care, how will it be funded? Will your house have to be sold? This is not necessarily the case if you plan ahead.

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